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Friday, May 21, 2010

Help me if you would Pretty please

Ok I'm on a great Photography Forum and There's a contest going on about getting the most refferal's. So far i am ahead but i need some more so no one catches up. I could win $150 gift card form Canvas on Demand,  How great would that be??  So if your in to photography and you want to learn more about it then this is the place for you!  If you are not interested in it but would like to help me out then please register and tell them nicegirly97 sent ya.   I do know that once you get there you will love it!

All you have to do is register and it's really fast and easy. Then go to the grand opening forum and scroll down till you see the forum " Referral list, new memebers sign in" and  then scroll to the bottom and hit the quick button and post nicegirly97

here is the link

I have untill tomorrow because that is the dead line. So please help me out :)  Thanks bunches!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm done blogging

I can't find anything to write about and well i just dont have the passion anymore to do it.
I still am around to read everyones blogs cause i do enjoy doing that!   If i get in the mood i will write but as of right now i'm just gonna be a reader!!!